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Come see them and me, live and in-person, at the Caribou Craft Fair, October 27 and 28, 2012 at the Caribou High School Gym. Click through to the product page and then click the thumbnail to see a larger version. … Continue reading

I’ll be at the Caribou Craft Fair 27&28 Oct 2012


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I should have some new original paintings and more prints (now that I figured what I was doing wrong on my printer). I have doubled my floor space to show more work and make it  easier to see. I’ll be … Continue reading

Fort Kent to Allagash Gallery


This gallery contains 17 photos.

These images are available as prints or can be commissioned as paintings. Contact me (making a Reply from the image page is a handy way to reach me).  

Art Talk at UMFK

I really enjoyed the art talk today at the Blake Library. A great group of students very well prepared with questions. I got over my false modesty in short order and I’m afraid my ham-bone became too evident. Kinda wished I spent the time just on the questions. As I think back I didn’t give due credit to my mother’s creativity. She would be considered a fiber-artist if she accepted a title like that or wanted to move in the art-world circles. Like most old guys, I undervalue women’s work. I struggle to raise my consciousness and will try do better. Hopefully we’ll be replaced with a wiser generation with a better sense of fairness.

(100612 random thoughts)
I also remember my mother being the family photographer. She had an old box camera that took 120 film that made huge negatives.
(I think I have them in a box somewhere. There could be an art project in that collection of negatives.) I’ll have to think about how her work might have influenced me.

It seems that documenting family history is the work of the mother/wife. (is Mary Kelly an example?) My wife, Jean, and I have done quite a bit of genealogy and family history.

Here’s a thought on why I see women being more interested in family history. Historically, most women give up their family name and over several generations these names are often lost. It seems genealogy becomes a search for lost grandmothers and, I suppose, their fathers also.

My dad got a nice (Kodak?) camera in 1955, the year I was born. It was a “super” 35mm format–35mm film with just one sprocket hole per frame so the image was perhaps 25-35% larger than standard 35mm. He also had a 8mm movie camera.

Jon Gnagy Lesson: Mountain Lake

I gave an art-talk at UMFK today and someone asked where I learned to draw.

This video is from the 1960’s. I got a Jon Gnagy “Learn to Draw” kit when I was elementary-school-age. It had pencils and erasers and an instruction book. Continue reading

You’re invited to my UMFK exhibit

I have an exhibit of paintings and prints at University of Maine Fort Kent through September 28, 2012. The show, in the Blake Library Gallery, is titled Specifically St. John: Views across the upper river watershed.  I’m planing a public lecture Wednesday, 12 September, 2012 at 10:00 AM. Here is a link that includes a downloadable map Thanks to UMFK, Associate Library Director, Sofia Birden and my gallery slave, Jean. Here is a link to the library page I have 18 pieces hanging. Some of them can be viewed here online.

South Addison, Maine, Jenny Purington Sirone’s house, 2011 (second version)

Oil stick on rag board. About 10″x14.” Rather than painting over a photograph, this is painting I did from life. I hope to do more “plein aire” work. I had a hard time getting a purple using only the three primary colors I had.

The subject is Jenny Purington Sirone’s house in South Addison, Maine, as viewed from Alan and Brenda Jepson’s cottage, where we were vacationing. Jenny Purington Sirone kept sheep on Nash Island. Here’s link to a story about Jenny.


My work for Paint Presque Isle: R.W. Wight building, State Street.

Acrylic over photo on canvas; about 13×36″; 18 August, 2012. Sold at the evening auction to Kevin Kinney. Thanks to Aroostook Partners in the Arts for a great day. Proceeds from the auction go to arts programing in local schools. Continue reading