Jon Gnagy Lesson: Mountain Lake

I gave an art-talk at UMFK today and someone asked where I learned to draw.

This video is from the 1960’s. I got a Jon Gnagy “Learn to Draw” kit when I was elementary-school-age. It had pencils and erasers and an instruction book.

I also have to credit the Caribou Public Schools. I remember encouragement from my fourth grade teacher Miss Ring

I told the art-talk group that Jon Gnagy was a precursor to Bob Ross. I don’t think they knew who Bob Ross was either.

Tim Gagnon is from Washburn, Maine, and lives in Castle Hill.
He may be this generation’s Bob Ross.

One thought on “Jon Gnagy Lesson: Mountain Lake

  1. These videos are great Bill. Thank you for sharing! Bob Ross was my inspiration. I still have his videos!

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